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Capitol Homes is committed to build the most energy efficient home at an affordable price.  It is a priority to incorporate the most current innovations of Green Technology into the designs and construction of our homes. Our home combines state-of-the-art, energy-efficient construction and appliances with commercially available renewable energy systems. Our goal is to get your electrical meter running backwards. Energy efficient items included in our homes are:
  · Solar roof shingles
  · 2x6 exterior walls with R20 cellulose insulation
  · Energy efficient appliances
  · Radiant floor heating
  · High efficiency air conditioning
  · Energy efficient lighting—low voltage
  · High efficient windows
  · Energy efficient on demand hot water

Our homes have a number of advantages:

    1. Improved comfort - An energy efficient building
        envelope reduces temperature fluctuations.
    2. Reliability - An ultra efficient home can be designed to
        continue functioning even during blackouts.
    3. Energy Security - A home that produces energy protects
        its owner from fluctuations in energy prices.
    4. Environmental sustainability - An ultra efficient home
        saves energy and reduces pollution.








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