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Whether  it is one acre or fifty Capitol homes has the experience to develop the project suited to the clients needs.  We work with Engineers, City and County Planning Agencies, Building and Public Works Departments  and Title Companies to acquire approval for parcel and subdivision maps,  improvement drawings and  all entitlements required for development.

Architectural Design

Having the ability to design plans in house or use top designers and Architects in the area assures of using a style of architecture that suits the needs of our clients.  Each architect is unique in their style , it is important to match the requirements of the client to the right architect.

Interior Design

Building a home using an interior designer changes a house into a home. The designer ads the warmth  and personality to a home. Over the years working with the finest designers in the area we have come to realize the importance of a good designer. Having design choices in advance to building adds to a smooth building process.

Landscape Design

Landscaping can change the most ordinary looking home into a Homes and Garden show case.  With the ability to design pools, outside kitchen areas and other hardscapes, Our  Landscape designer puts the finishing touches to the home to turn it into a work of art. With the popularity of out door living the landscape architect melds the indoor environment with the outside to combine them in a seamless union between the two

Lighting Design

Many times correct lighting is overlooked when designing a home. Both interior and exterior lighting can accentuate and highlight the features in a home. Our lighting expert  specializes in the design and manufacturing  of lighting and can customize lighting packages to fit the uniqueness of each individual home. 


Specializing in residential construction for over 25 years Capitol Homes has the experience to build  anything from a small home to a large apartment complex. Quality and attention to detail has always been the foundation  of our building philosophy .  Staying  ahead of current styles  and building for the future Denali Homes incorporates the latest energy efficient designs and features.


Whether doing a complete interior and exterior remodel or cosmetics such as paint and landscaping,  Capitol Homes has the experience to transform your older home into new. With a specialty of doing Kitchens and Baths we can turn the dysfunctional home into a functional one


Capitol Homes offers a unique opportunity in the field of investing. Many of the homes showcased on this site have been homes build as investments.  Investments are structured to the needs of the investor,  can be individually owned, or structured as partnerships.  A benefit of investing in the construction of homes is the tangibility of your investment, you are able to physically be involved with your  investment.  Watch the progress on a daily basis and decide on the amount of involvement .  Real Estate investing is not for everyone, depending on the business cycle  risks are involved. Only those with disposable income and a comfort  for speculative investing should be involved. As with other investments the degree of risk is directly proportioned to the  return. 


With experience working with both lending institutions and loan brokers Capitol Homes can assist in recommending the right lender and obtaining the loan that best fits the requirements of the client.